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Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the management of your Savannah rental property? You need a property management company by your side to comprehensively meet the needs of your property! Let Legacy Realty & Management help!

We’re a full-service property management company, offering a wide range of property solutions. Our company has several years of experience in the local property market. You can rely on us to offer you a tailor-made management solution.

Legacy Realty & Management delivers unparalleled service to its clients. We can attribute this to the quality of the professionals that we hire. All of our property managers are well-experienced, professional, and licensed.

When your property is managed by Legacy Realty & Management, you can have peace of mind knowing that your rental needs are being handled by the best in the market.

Are you looking to say goodbye to self-property management? The team from Legacy Realty & Management is ready and willing. We have the resources, expertise, and local experience to meet your property management goals.

What separates us from our competition is our willingness to go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs. We’re a locally-owned and operated company and believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our clients. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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Our Property Management Services

Legacy Realty & Management handles the management needs of hundreds of properties in Savannah and beyond.


We offer a wide range of property services to handle the various needs of our diverse clients. Some of the services that we offer include:

Rent Collection and Review

Most landlords perceive rent collection to be a basic service offered by property managers. This is rarely the case! Rent collection can have some challenges, especially when it comes to streamlining collection of rent and handling late payers.

Legacy Realty & Management can offer you a stress-free service. We offer our clients a seamless solution taking care of the whole process. Our team of property managers will take care of reminders to your tenants, the actual rent collection, processing payments, and handling any defaulters.

After a few years of charging the same amount of rent, it’s ideal that you review your rental rate. There are bound to be some changes to be made.

It could be that the population has increased and demand has grown, or that there have been some developments in the area. Your rental rate should be adjusted to consider these changes.

Property Inspection and Maintenance

Today’s renters are selective about the quality of the space they choose. They want a rental unit that is well-maintained and in good condition. Legacy Realty & Management carries out frequent inspections of all its properties to detect defects before they escalate into bigger issues.


Legacy Realty & Management has an in-house maintenance crew that handles all of our repairs. You can be assured of the quality of their workmanship. They’re experienced and expert handypeople who are equipped to handle all sorts of issues.


Legacy Realty & Management believes in the thoroughness of its tenant screening solution, however, there might be a bad apple that slips through the cracks. Sometimes, the character or personality of a tenant might change during the course of the lease agreement.

Our first solution is not to start the eviction process, especially if you’re dealing with a once-quality tenant. From our experience, all we might need is a small meeting to reiterate the terms of the lease agreement. However, if things don’t change, you might be required to start the eviction process.

Legacy Realty & Management knows the provision of the State of Texas on eviction and will ensure that they are followed to the end. We’ll handle everything, from the filing of paperwork, to liaising with enforcement officers, to removing the tenant from the premises.

Legal Compliance

Compared to other investment assets, few can compare the number of regulations and rules that an investment property has. When you choose to become a landlord, you choose to comply with county provisions, as well as state and federal laws.

The team from Legacy Realty & Management knows the county and state laws inside and out. We’lll assist you in the interpretation and implementation of said laws. Should there be any changes or a potential legal dispute on the property, we’ll advise you accordingly.

Financial Reporting and Accounting

To properly assess the performance of your Savannah rental property, you need to keep track of the income and expenses.


As part of our comprehensive management solution, Legacy Realty & Management offers financial reporting and accounting. We keep detailed documentation of all financial records and supportive documents.

Every month and quarter, you’ll receive financial statements on the performance of your property. Come tax season, we can file your property’s taxes for you. We can also advise you on how you can set up your rental finances to take advantage of tax breaks.

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About Savannah, TX

Are you looking for a small-sized city to move to? Savannah, Texas should be one of the first options to consider!

What attracts young families and households to Savannah are the low living costs, diversity in the residents, and quality of life.

Let’s not forget about the good old Southern hospitality. It’s easier for new residents to make themselves at home and become a part of the community here.

Another attractive feature of Savannah is the cost of housing. Property in the area is priced relatively lower when compared to the median price in the State of Texas and the national average price.

Furthermore, the cost of living in Savannah is very affordable. In this wave of inflation and rising cost of living, individuals and households are looking for affordable neighborhoods to call home. Residents can enjoy saving thanks to more affordable healthcare, insurance, utilities, and food.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

We're proud to serve the following areas:

Denton, Aubrey, Frisco, McKinney, Little Elm, Allen, Providence, Savannah, Pilot Point, Prosper, Carrollton, Plano, and many more!

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