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As a property owner, you understand the challenges of managing rental properties. Whether it is tenant screening, marketing, maintenance, or rent collection, these tasks can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Fortunately, Legacy Realty & Management is here to help.

Our experienced team of professionals can manage your Providence Village, TX, rental property and ensure it is well-maintained and profitable.

Legacy Realty & Management has been in business for several years and provides property management services in several areas, including Providence Village, TX. We specialize in single-family homes, multi-family homes, and commercial properties. We are committed to providing exceptional services to our clients to help them maximize their profits and minimize their stress.

If you own rental property in Providence Village, TX, Legacy Realty & Management can help you manage your property and ensure your tenants are happy. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands and that your tenants are well taken care of.

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Our Property Management Services

At Legacy Realty & Management, we offer our clients a wide range of property management services. Here are some of the key services that we provide:

Tenant Screening

Finding the right tenants for your rental property is one of the most crucial parts of property management. At Legacy Realty & Management, we recognize the value of a careful vetting procedure to ensure your property is in capable hands. We perform thorough background checks, employment verifications, credit checks, and rental history checks to find any possible red flags.

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Thanks to this screening process, we choose dependable, responsible, and financially secure tenants. We can reduce the possibility of late payments, property damage, and other problems that could cost you time and money by selecting the right renters.

Property Marketing

To optimize your occupancy rates and draw in the ideal tenants, you must market your rental property. In order to market your property and attract a larger audience, Legacy Realty & Management employs various marketing techniques.

Our marketing tactics include online listings, social media marketing, neighborhood print ads, and other strategies. We also use high-quality photos and descriptions to showcase your property's best features and highlight its unique selling points.

We can find the right tenants quickly and efficiently by creating a strong online presence and generating interest in your property.

Lease Agreements

Protecting your rights as a landlord and ensuring that your tenants are aware of their duties depend on a well-written leasing agreement. We manage all aspects of leasing agreements at Legacy Realty & Management from drafting to signing and enforcing.

Our lease agreements are made specifically for your property and take into consideration all applicable laws and local regulations. We ensure that all lease provisions are brief and clear, and we strictly implement them to ensure that your tenants honor their commitments. This safeguards your rights and guarantees that your tenants are conscious of the demands made of them.

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Move-In Inspections

One of the most important steps in the property management procedure is carrying out a move-in inspection. It makes it easier to record the state of your property and guarantees that your renters have a spotless, secure, and useful space.

All new tenants are subject to move-in inspections at Legacy Realty & Management to look for any pre-existing harm or problems. Any problems we identify are noted, and we ensure they are fixed before the tenant arrives. This ensures that your property is maintained properly and lays the groundwork for a positive landlord-tenant connection.

Regular Property Inspections

Regular property inspections are necessary to identify any maintenance or repair issues and ensure your property is well maintained. At Legacy Realty & Management, we regularly inspect your property to ensure it's in excellent shape and that your tenants adhere to the terms of their leases.

We perform inspections at predetermined intervals, usually every three to six months. We keep track of any problems we encounter and ensure they are quickly and affordably fixed. Regular inspections allow us to spot problems early on and take appropriate action to resolve them.

Rent Collection with Online Payments

Landlords sometimes find it difficult and time-consuming to collect rent. With our online payment choices, Legacy Realty & Management makes it simple for tenants to pay their rent. Our tenants can pay their rent online through our 24/7 online portal.

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Additionally, we provide a variety of payment methods, including e-checks, PayPal, and credit cards. We make sure that all payments are made on time, and we follow up with renters who are late to make sure they pay their rent on time. This increases the effectiveness of rent collection and guarantees you get your rental money on time.

Maintenance and Repairs

Property administration includes crucial aspects like maintenance and repairs. In order to keep your tenants happy and your property in good shape, Legacy Realty & Management takes care of all maintenance and repair requirements for your property.

We have a network of trustworthy vendors and contractors who can respond promptly to maintenance requests and guarantee that repairs are done right the first time.

Additionally, we perform preventative maintenance to find and fix any possible issues before they become more serious. By taking preventative measures, you can reduce repair expenses, increase the usefulness of your property, and maintain contented renters.

Online Owner and Tenant Portal

At Legacy Realty & Management, we value transparency and convenience. We provide an online owner and tenant portal so you can obtain all the data you require about your property whenever you need it. You can obtain lease agreements, view real-time financial reports, keep track of maintenance requests, and more through our online portal.

This makes it simple for you to monitor the performance of your property and remain informed about it. Our tenant portal makes it simple for tenants to manage their tenancy by allowing them to pay rent online, request maintenance, and access crucial lease papers.

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About Providence Village, TX

Located on the outskirts of Dallas, Providence Village, TX, is a vibrant suburb that is a great place to live and own rental property. The community is friendly, the area is well-planned, and the schools in the area are highly rated.

Providence Village is known for its excellent schools, low crime rates, and affordable cost of living. Some of the highly-rated schools in Providence Village include Ryan High School, Adkins Elementary, and Miller Elementary School.

What makes Providence Village attractive is how organized the town is. The area developed in the early 2000s as a master-planned community. And even though the town has grown significantly, the initial plan is still in place and you can appreciate the earlier design.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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