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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Carrollton, TX? If you are, consider the services offered by Legacy Realty and Management!

Managing a Carrollton real estate investment doesn’t have to be stressful and time-consuming. Legacy Realty and Management provides rental management to property owners who want to feel at ease knowing that professional residential property managers are looking after their investment.

Based in Aubrey, Texas, Legacy Realty and Management actively serves the North Dallas metro area. Our family-owned and operated property management business was established in 2003. As residential property managers, we help rental businesses succeed by providing high-quality property management services that save landlords’ time and money.

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We’re able to manage a variety of rentals for property owners, from single-family homes and townhomes to multi-family properties. We also help property investors looking to purchase or sell a property.

Given our real estate industry experience, you can trust our property management skills and knowledge when it comes to taking care of your property needs. Whether you’re looking to market a vacant unit, screen a potential tenant, help with financial reporting, collecting your rent or keeping your investment property well maintained, our team of property managers is here to help.

Legacy Realty and Management is able to share a boutique experience with our clients. With our transparent and client-centered approach, you and your tenants are sure to feel valued.

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Whether you’re new to property investing, a remote landlord or you’re juggling multiple rental properties or responsibilities, our Carrollton property management services are here to support you and manage your rental. As your property management team, we’re also proficient in Texas and Carrollton property laws.

Contact Legacy Realty and Management today by dialing (469) 576 7676 or write to us at donnie@legacy380.com. We look forward to providing top-notch property management Carrollton, TX services tailored to your property.

Our Property Management Services

Legacy Realty and Management is dedicated to maximizing the income of your property. We apply effective property management strategies in marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, and property maintenance and repair.

As our valued property management client, here are some of the property management services we’ll provide to ensure your property management needs are being:

Marketing Your Rental Property

Has your Carrollton rental been vacant for a while? If finding new renters to fill a vacant property is a challenge, it’s time to reach out to Legacy Realty and Management. Rather than waste your money on maintenance expenses and face security issues, let us find a quality tenant for your property.

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As your Carrollton property manager, we’ll focus our property management marketing on the amenities you offer to attract a large pool of prospective tenants. Our Carrollton property management company will post high quality photos and detailed marketing copy to engage all potential tenant and shorten the vacancy period of your vacant properties.

Screening Tenants

Picking the right tenant is just as important as filling your property vacancy. A problematic tenant can pose more issues for you down the line, such as unexpected property damage, legal fees with the security deposit and stress associated with the eviction process.

Legacy Realty and Management will carry out the tenant screening process for landlords. We’ll make sure your tenant has a good rental history, stable income and employment, a good credit score and criminal history. We also take the time to reach out to referrals to verify a renter’s story.

We also work diligently to ensure legal compliance with all local and state housing laws when screening tenants. This protects your real estate asset legally and ensures that it is in good hands.

Prompt Rent Collection

As rent is a great source of passive income for you, we understand how important it for rent collection to be consistant and done in a timely manner. If a tenant is perpetually late in paying the rent or misses a payment, you end up shouldering repair costs and utility expenses.

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A delay or loss of income can also mean pausing your renovation plans, which can affect your property's value. Legacy Realty and Management has an online payment channel for collecting rent to help renters pay rent with convenience.

Repairing and Maintaining Your Property

If you want your property to look its best, maintenance tasks aren’t something you can delay or avoid. If you lack the time or prefer a hands-off approach with your investment, hiring Legacy Realty and Management for maintenance is a great solution.

We have a proactive property maintenance program where a property manager from our team does a routine property inspection to ensure your rental space in outstanding condition. Our professional property management team and solid vendor partners are also ready to attend to urgent situations anytime in all investment properties.

Preparing Financial Reports

We issue monthly statements and financial reports via an online portal so you can review the revenues, profits and expenses of your rental business. The organization of financial reporting will also help you as a landlord during tax season.

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About Carrollton, Texas

Carrollton is a city considered part of the Denton, Dallas and Collin counties. The city was officially incorporated in 1913. Its economy continues to be sustainable given the flourishing North Texas metro area. It’s also home to a large Korean community.

Residents enjoy staying in Carrollton for its convenient location. They can shop, access entertainment, arts and culture, and enjoy varied transportation options from trains to airplanes. It’s also located near bigger cities like Plano and Frisco.

Carrollton’s close-knit community makes it an ideal base for families with kids. With its green spaces, hiking and biking trails, and family-friendly entertainment attractions, the city offers a relaxing atmosphere.

Some Carrollton, Texas attractions include:

  • Historic Downtown Carrollton
  • A.W. Perry Homestead
  • Greenbelt Disk Golf Club
  • Nickel Mania
  • Elm Fork Nature Preserve
  • Mary Heads Carter Park
  • Indian Creek Golf Club
  • Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
  • Cavanaugh Flight Museum
  • Addison Circle Park

(Source: Wikipedia)

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